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At ef+facto, we don’t simply make Italian furniture. We create high-end timeless masterpieces, designed to not only be functional but also to enhance any space of your home. We combine the well-known luxurious Italian style with today’s trends to produce the fine Italian furniture that we know our customers desire.

Sparco is a renowned Italian auto part and accessory company founded by two talented race car drivers. Through the years, Sparco has branched out by sharing their vision with the fashion and furniture industries.

ef+facto is a company that brings extraordinary designers together to transform our customers’ dreams into exquisite quality products. Our high-end Italian furniture designs create unique works of art, intended to be appreciated for a lifetime.

When Sparco and ef+facto blended together, a unique, stylish and winning team was formed, fueling the Sparco Home & Lifestyle by ef+facto Collection. High-end Italian furniture, designed and manufactured in Italy, that presents the perfect balance between refined design, user comfort, and the latest technology.

These pieces of modern Italian furniture are more than merely functional furniture, they are exceptional designs that are truly works of art created for this unique and artistic collection.

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