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High End Furnishings: Adding An Accent Piece To Your Entry Hallway

Using high end furnishings to make a statement in your home does not always mean remodeling or redecorating a large room. You can add pieces in small areas of your home that have high impact. One such area is your entryway or entry hallway. Many homes have room for a statement piece in the entryway. You can add a piece of furniture such as a high table displaying one or a few accessories and possibly a mirror or painting if there is enough room.

Measuring Your Space
Start by measuring your space, allowing for plenty of room for your door to open and close and two people to stand comfortably in the entrance. This gives you enough room to answer the door and let in your guest. If more than one guest comes in at the same time, a bit of crowding is natural. Ideally, your accent piece should be opposite the doorway. In this position, guests will see it when they enter. If that position is not possible, then choose a side wall near the door where guests stop and take off their coats.

Selecting Your Statement Piece
Choose a piece of furniture, preferably a table that comes out only 2 feet or less from the wall. Some of this decision will be based on your room size. The furniture should have a strong design in your preferred style. For instance, using a table from Sparco Home & Style collection offers an eclectic contemporary statement. Pieces are simple, yet make a design statement. To enhance the effect, add an off-center vase with silk flowers and a contemporary mirror or abstract art piece. You can see how this would offer a strong impact on guests as they enter your home. Since this piece is primarily decorative, it helps if it is easy to dust and maintain.

Adding More Through Wall Color
To add even more oomph to your statement piece, you can paint your entryway in a bold color. For a contemporary space, a vibrant red would offer a unique backdrop for the table. If you want to add the art piece, you can coordinate or contrast with it.

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