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Revive Your Favorite Room With A Statement Piece

Want to refresh your favorite room? Instead of renovating the whole space, invest in a beautiful statement piece of fine Italian furniture or decor.

Does your favorite space feel stale or plain? Do you have a room that doesn’t feel complete, even though the walls, flooring, and furniture are perfectly lovely? Sometimes, all you need to shake up a room is a single statement piece. Instead of getting messy with paint cans or investing in a whole new furniture set, pick out a piece of fine Italian furniture or décor. This season’s interior design trends are full of mix-and-match styles, and if you use your statement piece correctly, it could become a new focal point that transforms the whole room.

Here is a couple of our favorite ways to make a style statement at home.

Cozy Custom Armchair, Created Just for You

Nothing catches the eye quite like custom made furniture, and an armchair is a versatile, long-lasting investment that can easily be rearranged for different effects. Whether you love hosting parties or curling up with a good book, you can request a comfortable custom armchair that fits all your style—and lifestyle—preferences, from shape and size to wood finish and fabric patterns. Our custom-made Italian furniture includes one-of-a-kind custom armchairs with cutting-edge architectural design elements.

Handmade Glass Murano Vase

Colored glass truly brings indoor spaces to life, because it interacts with light throughout the day, casting colorful shadows and changing from one shade to another. Murano glass vases are handcrafted to take full advantage of this beautiful dance, with avant-garde designs that give surprising dimension to the vase’s smooth, curved surfaces. Add our Deep Blue Murano vase to the center of your coffee table, or give it a place of honor on a pedestal near a sunny window. Your home will instantly be more colorful, dynamic, and elegant.

At ef+facto, we pour our creative energy into every piece we customize or commission for you. Request a custom piece of fine Italian furniture today, or browse our collection of statement-making decor and furniture to find inspiration for your next update.

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