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3 Color Palettes To Breath Life Into Your Bedroom

If you’re looking to bring life into a room of your home, there are several ways that this can be done. One method is to look at the furniture in the room, and take into account how it feels there. Furniture is an investment, typically the third most expensive one an individual will make their home and their car.

Having high end furnishings might not seem like a good use of money, let alone things like fine Italian furniture, but high end furnishings actually last longer when properly cared for. Their finer craftsmanship can mean that they can last a lifetime or more.

So that initial investment can last well beyond what you’d expect.

But furniture, even fine Italian furniture, needs to help the feel of the room. It needs to help you feel comfortable and to do that you need to take into account many factors, like the color.

It is estimated that 60% of all high end modern furniture shoppers specifically went looking for furniture that helped them feel calm and comfortable.

The colors of a room or space have probably the largest impact on how you feel in it. Are they bold and vibrant? Muted and serene? Having the right colors in a room can dramatically affect how you feel about it, and having the right furniture can help too. One of the most important places to have these colors feel right is the bedroom.

You want your bedroom to be the most comfortable room in the home, and the one that helps you feel the calmest. The colors might be different for everyone, but the concepts behind selecting the color palette are generally pretty standard.

Some examples of color palettes for your bedroom are:

Neutral Grey And Vibrant Color

A soft grey on the walls, ceiling, and larger parts of the room give a feeling of serenity, but adding something like a vibrant red can breathe life and personality into space. Save the red for things like rugs or pillows.

Black, White, And a Dash Of Red

Black and white is a classic color scheme, but adding a little bit of red can make the bedroom stand out. Raising its energy. Red is known to be the most energetic of all colors, and so pairs well with solid black and white.

Forest Green And Earthly Brown

A color combination that screams of the natural world, and one that can be taken seriously. Though these dark colors can be a little overwhelming in a space, adding plenty of natural light can make it very inviting.

These are just three different color palettes that could work well with your fine Italian furniture, which can come in many styles and colors. Italian furnishings, like luxury Italian bedroom furniture, can come in many makes and colors, with many designs.

So if you want to have a room that feels alive and vibrant, they would make an excellent addition with the right colors.

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