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Eco-Friendly Materials Make Unique Furniture Pieces

Modern Italian furniture can add a classic style to your home decor. Traditionally, Italian furniture was hand-carved or built from natural materials such as hardwoods. As these materials became more expensive, they created two issues. The first one is that good furniture is getting pricier and often too expensive for many customers. Instead of re-furnishing an entire room, many people choose to buy one or two accent pieces and then furnish the rest of the room with more affordable choices.

The other problem is that natural non-renewable materials are being used up faster than we can replace them, especially certain types of wood. In a modern home, some materials can also be too difficult to care for. It takes gentler handling than many synthetic materials. However, synthetic materials have not always met the high standards of furniture clients. As technology has improved new synthetic materials are starting to be manufactured that look like natural wood, yet hold up to a lot of vigorous wear and tear. These synthetics look terrific and are not as fragile or delicate as natural wood. You can use standard furniture cleaners on the synthetics that cannot be used on old-fashioned hardwoods.

Eco-Friendly Wood Options and New Materials
The true success of eco-friendly materials is when they are cost-effective and work for your needs. The new eco-friendly synthetics used to replace natural wood and stone are truly beautiful. You can find increasing numbers of selections for furniture, flooring and cabinetry. Instead of worrying about spills and scratches on wood or stone surfaces, you can relax and enjoy your home and just clean up afterward. Guests can put their glasses on your dining table or living room coffee table without worrying about leaving a ring. There is no need to stress out about dirt and moisture, and you can buy the cheaper, standard furniture and household cleaners for synthetic materials. These new materials don’t look like plastic. They look just like leather, wood, rattan and stone. Your choices for decorating have now expanded.

Nature and Technology Working Together
Being eco-friendly is much easier when you also save money and time. As technology improves, more efficient and practical eco-friendly choices are becoming available in all industries. We are lucky that the home decorating industry is in the forefront of this trend.

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