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3 Ways To Confidently Authenticate Murano Glass Vases

With over 1,000 years of glassmaking tradition, the island of Murano, Italy is known for providing the finest and most brilliant Murano vases in the world. It’s no surprise that this luxury glassmaker’s items are heavily mimicked and copied to the benefit of forgers — and much to our disdain when we realize we’ve been had. However, our glass experts at EF+FACTO offer these three tips to ensure your Murano glass vases are authentic.

1. Certificate and Stickers of Origin

This is where the internet works in your favor. You can easily look at your potential purchase and find any identifying stickers or signatures on the piece and compare them to authentic matches online. Between the signature, Murano sticker and certificates of authenticity that accompany the piece, you should be able to confidently spot fake Murano vases.

2. Identify Imperfections

While you might not think imperfections are a benefit when it comes to Italian luxury vases, these small flaws actually can indicate authenticity. These handmade beauties are bound to have imperfections such as air bubbles that appear during the multi-layering of color. You’ll also want to look for the telltale Pontil mark, which is a small “scar” left behind as the master craftsmen break the connection from the Pontil rod and the finished glass piece. These often surface at the bottom of the piece and will appear as a small bump.

3. Quality Colors and Gold or Silver Infusions

It is challenging to reproduce the striking color layers in authentic Murano vases with the quality that originals provide. Look for any conflicts or lack of streamlined color transitions in the hues before making your purchase. Another indicator of quality and authenticity is the presence of .925 silver or 24-karat gold infusions. These expensive materials and the process of their inclusion are challenging to duplicate, so use these signs as indicators of the authenticity of Murano glass vases.

In conclusion, we recommend that you buy your high-end luxury items from a trusted source like EF+FACTO, so you will know that you are getting the quality and bragging rights that you are paying for when you purchase Murano vases and other designer-quality items.

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