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Glass: It Just Might Be The Home Decor You’re Looking For

Nearly 60% of high end furnishings that customers look for, like Italian fine furniture, are items that make them feel calm and comfortable. With that in mind, it makes sense that some of the most popular and unique pieces of furniture on the market today are in the glassware category. Soothing, crystalline, and simple, glass homewares are some of the most popular on the market today. Luxury Italian homewares these pieces are used both structurally and aesthetically, and are a plausible choice in both winter and summer.

And with luxury Italian homewares, you can bring the presence of the Mediterranean right into your home. But before you make the choice to bring in one of these unique furniture pieces or decorations, you should first know how to incorporate them into your space. Let’s take a look at some tips to help you learn how to incorporate these gorgeous high end furnishings into your home.

Beware Of Glare
One of the most commonly overlooked problems with glassware is glare from lighting. Remember that glass reflects more light than most materials, and you should consider its placement in your home carefully. Decor that uses glass can leave a space visually open and allow light to flow well in a room. This can make it a great addition, provided you make note of where the sunlight or lighting is entering in from.

Knock Through a Wall
If you want to open a room that feels a little too small and not quite right, but don’t want to take out a wall and leave a giant hole to do it, adding glass in the place of a wall can do just that. It can act as a divider that allows the room to get light, opens the space, and still leaves the rooms divided.

Modernize a Staircase
You can give a hallway or entrance way a much needed revamp with minimal upheaval by replacing the old handrails and banisters with sleek pieces of glass. This can be a modern, great looking, style that impresses guests. The best part? You can take your time browsing colors and finishes to see what style is right for your home.

Vases Abound
If a total remodel is out of your budget, or you just don’t want to invest too heavily, another option is to buy a glass vase. Certain vases, like luxury Italian homewares, can bring a sleek, incredible feeling to your home. Bring a dash of Italian fashion to your living or dining room with a glass vase or two.

These are just a few of many ways to incorporate glassware into your home. It may not be a mirror image of fine Italian furnishings, but it’s sure to open up your decor and bring light into your space.

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