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Wood Leather Vs Animal Leather: Which One Is Better?

Leather is one of the most popular materials used in the furniture and clothing industries. The cost of the highest quality leather, however, is not always cost effective. New manufacturing techniques have been developed that use birch fibers and thinly cut pieces of wood to create what is now referred to as “wood leather.” Wood leather has the look and feel of leather as well as its strength and durability. It is extremely soft and flexible and has the same texture as natural, hide leather.

Longer Lasting/Durability

Handbags, clothing and furniture items that are designed and manufactured using leather products will often begin to show wear and tear if real leather is used. Wood leather resists wear and tear offering luxury items a much longer life span. The wood leather ages in much the same way as real leather but does not wear out, nor does it become thin or weak. It maintains its texture and durability for several years, no matter what circumstances it endures.

Easy to Maintain and Restore

Real leather must be conditioned regularly to help it retain its flexibility and natural color. Wood leather, on the other hand, needs very little care and when discolorations occur due to excessive use; it is easily restored to its original color and texture. The leather is easily cleaned and does not require special soaps or cleansers. Luxury handbags and furniture pieces that are manufactured using wood leather simply need to be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Luxury clothing and handbags that were once made exclusively of leather are now being manufactured with other materials, including wood leather. Wood leather offers the same look, feel, texture, and durability as real leather but is more environmentally friendly and durable for long-term use. Individuals who love the feel of leather will enjoy products made with the new material because of its beauty as well as its ability to connect the person with the most natural of elements.

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