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The Uniqueness Of Wooden Leather

Wooden leather is one of the most unique natural fabrics available in Italian fashion. It is constructed using several extremely thin layers of wood that are attached to a fabric with an environmentally friendly adhesive. Once the wooden leather is complete, it is laser-etched to create the unique leather look that only it possesses.

Unique Look
Wooden leather is unlike any other fashion fabric in the world. It is easy to clean and extremely versatile. Because the graining of the leather is laser-etched, no two pieces will ever look exactly the same. Over the years, where natural leather may fade or discolor, the look of wooden leather remains constant and will become more vibrant. Every time the item is cleaned, more of the uniqueness within the grain will come out.

Versatility at Its Best
Wooden leather is extremely versatile and can be used for both clothing and accessories. High fashion clothing items created with wooden leather can be worn in almost any setting. The fabric works extremely well for tropical themed clothing items and is ideal for accessories. In addition to making you look your best at all times, the fabric is ultra comfortable allowing you to move freely and enjoy almost any activity you choose to participate in.

We also use wood fiber to create tropical themed dresses and accessories made of wooden leather. These unique materials are like nothing else on the market. What does remain constant, however, is the quality and professional workmanship that goes into each item. Ef+facto creates luxury items crafted from wooden leather that are both beautiful and fully functional allowing you to look your very best at all times.

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