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Top Fashion Statements For The New Year

The trends in the fashion industry change more quickly than any other industry in the world. With the new year rolling in, everyone is eager to see what kind of fashion trends line up for the coming months. It is always better to set the trend than to follow so with this goal in mind, here are a few fashion trends that people should look out for during the new year.

1. Tropical and Floral Trends Ire In

The goal in 2017 is to brighten the mood and bring in some fun! No theme does this better than a tropical fashion theme. Women everywhere should take a look at some tropical-themed dresses to help set the trend and enjoy the new style. Bright colors, gorgeous flowers, beautiful weather, and even topical-themed drinks are going to be popular this coming year. Don’t get behind! Jump on the trend early.

2. The Painter Theme Will Continue

2016 brought in numerous dresses that looked like they were painted on rather than printed. This trend is going to continue in full force. Don’t go for a dress that looks like it was produced in mass quantities. Make sure to find a dress that makes a unique statement. This will grab everyone’s attention.

3. Pair the Tropics With a Wooden Leather Accessory

Items that pair well with the tropical theme are typically high-end accessories, such as purses. Women everywhere should make sure that they have one or more purses or handbags to ensure that there is a variety of outfits to choose from. It is even better that the products are wood-based because this fits better with the tropical, outdoors theme. Furthermore, wooden leather is very durable and environmentally friendly! Don’t be afraid to hunt around to find the perfect, luxury accessory to pair with the outfit.

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