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Sparco Home & Lifestyle By Ef+facto

If you want furniture that is driven by a tradition of quality, style and Italian luxury, then Sparco Home & Lifestyle by ef+facto is in the victory lane.

Sparco is a renowned Italian auto part and accessory company that aspired to increase safety in the racing world. The two talented racecar drivers who founded Sparco did just that and so much more. They changed the look of the racing world and added a stylish edge to their products. They not only revolutionized safety on the racetrack, but also created a new design norm for race cars and drivers’ suits in the process.

Through the years, Sparco has branched out by sharing their vision with the fashion and furniture industries. Effacto is a company that brings extraordinary designers together in order to transform their customers’ dreams into exquisite quality products. Their furniture designs are unique works of art, intended to be appreciate for a lifetime. So when Sparco and Effacto blended together, a unique, stylish and winning team was formed, creating the Sparco Home & Lifestyle by ef+facto Collection: Art Inspired Furniture. These pieces are more than just functional furniture, they are exceptional designs that are truly works of art created for this unique and artistic collection.

1. Ewan:

Pay close attention to Ewan, an elegant chair that is made out of very exclusive materials. Carbon fiber and wooden leather are carefully mixed with a steel rod structure creating a vintage yet industrial look. The designers had comfort in mind too. The gorgeous Ewan is adjustable, so comfort is as important as the undeniable style. This elegant chair is perfect for any decor style and room in the house.

2. T-Racing Bedside Table:

This minimal bedside table offers maximum functionality and beauty. Inspired by Sparco’s rich race car history, the pairing of gorgeous wood and carbon rods beautifully marry to create a design that’s a winning addition to any home. Decorative, thanks to the artist’s distinctive eye, and functional for its strength and storage availability.

3. T-Racing Floor Lamp:

Just like Sparco’s T-Racing Bedside table, the eye-catching T-Racing Floor Lamp features a series of carbon rods that act as a structural component and give it an industrial feel. The lamp’s shade is unique, as its translucent fabric shines light throughout any room, creating an extraordinary glow. These are only three designs from the Sparco Home & Lifestyle by ef+facto Collection. Browse our website and see how each piece is created to be treasured. Add one to your home or give it as a special gift to someone who appreciates attention to detail and exceptional style, just as the Sparco racing team envisioned so many years ago. This collection is truly a winner.

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