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Why Be Ordinary? Choose A Wooden Leather Bag

Look around you sometime in a mall, restaurant or even your office, and pay attention to what kinds of bags other people are carrying. Chances are that you’ll see a lot of the “same old, same old.” Most people are carrying leather bags that are attractive but that don’t necessarily make them feel good about the origins of the bag, or they have bags made of vinyl that seem low quality. Are you carrying one of these types of bags, too? You don’t have to be “ordinary” — there is an “extraordinary” option; it’s just not as well known. Wooden leather is a plant-based product that has all of the character and beauty of real leather but without the animal products. Plus, unlike animal leather or vinyl, if it is scratched or damaged, wooden leather can be treated to bring it back to its original beauty.

Wooden leather is material crafted out of thin sheets of wood. The sheets are bonded to fabric, and the resulting material is micro laser-etched. One of the concerns many people have when they hear about wooden leather is that it causes trees to be cut down. While trees are used in this products, the leading wooden leather producer used by Effacto and Sparco, is committed to sustainability and plants 350 percent more trees than it consumes!

Wooden leather is beautiful, and more purses and products are made with this product today than ever before. This beautiful material has a characteristic grain, which means each product is one of a kind. It even is individually numbered as a means of control. This means that when it’s time to pick a new bag, you can choose a purse option that is anything BUT ordinary!

If you would like more information about wooden leather or you would like to see some of the beautiful bags available, reach out to us. We look forward to seeing you be unique!

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