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Old Interior Design Trends To Toss

We all love decorating our homes, that’s a given. However, it can be all too easy to settle for stale home decor. So to make spring cleaning easier for you this year, we have made a list of old interior design trends to get rid of and updated items to replace them with!

Out with the: Brass

In with the: Mixed metals

Brass is quite shiny and eye-catching, but if not shined regularly it can quickly become dull and lackluster. It also brings a 1970s vibe that may not work too well with the new modern homes of today. Don’t restrict yourself to one metal when decorating; after all, your home doesn’t have to be all matchy-matchy! Go with all different kinds of metals when decorating for a unique look.

Out with the: Simple hanging lightbulbs

In with the: Murano glass Italian furnishings

We aren’t saying that Eddison style light bulbs are not beautiful, but they are quite overdone. If you want to pack a punch, an ornate Murano glass chandelier will do the trick.

Out with the: Monochrome rooms

In with the: Accent pieces

All white interiors have been huge for a while now, but homeowners are getting tired of having stark rooms that don’t feel lived in. They are now putting splashes of color all around, such as red luxury Italian sofas, navy accent pillows, or orange and yellow carpets.

Out wth the: Suede

In with the: Leather

Nothing beats leather furniture. And what culture is known for their leather high end gifts? The Italians, of course! It is time to invest in luxury Italian furniture for your home, but make sure to test the leather first. As a rule of thumb, top grain leather is from the top 3/64 of an inch or .9mm to 1.5mm of the outer grain of the leather hide. Typically, fine Italian furniture will have this, but it is imperative you check before you purchase.

Out with the: Printed wallpaper

In with the: Accent wall pieces

Colorful printed wallpaper such as chevron or brocade can easily look cheap. To keep things simple and versatile, if you are feeling a change, use accent wall pieces. These large paintings will serve as a focal point without being overwhelming.

Need some help with your interior decorating? Our luxury Italian furniture specialists are here to help in any way we can!

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