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New Partnership With Century 21 Premier

Miami FL. November 2015: An innovative three-way design alliance has been signed today between well-known Florida Real Estate tycoon, Century 21 Premier Elite Realty, choice-of-stars Italian interior design company EAE Studio and Tuscany-based artisanal Italian craftsmen ef+facto.

“We are thrilled to be working with such talented, creative, Italian artists.” Said Patricia Delinois President, CEO of Century 21 Premier Elite Realty.

Siena, Italy-based EAE Studio designs interiors with ef+facto using top craftsmen to produce the bespoke furniture for many Hollywood stars as well as European celebrities.

EAE Studio shapes exceptional spaces around sophisticated individuals in the world’s most exclusive locations and this type of collaboration is unique to Florida and brings bespoke design and passionate Italian craftsmanship to the State solely for Century 21 Premier Elite Realty clients living in the region’s most exclusive homes.

Patricia Delinois President, CEO Century 21 Premier Elite Realty EAE Studio boss Edoardo Giacone said: “EAE Studio and its sister company ef+facto represent the very best Italy has to offer when it comes to interior and product design. In an impersonal era of globalised mass production, EAE Studio and its artisans are proud to offer a one-to-one service of passion, quality and full of Italian character blending both traditional Tuscan origins with contemporary influences.

This ground breaking partnership with Century 21 Premier Elite Realty is an exciting opportunity for us to enter a new market in Florida and equally for Century 21 to be able to offer its clientele bespoke premium Italian interiors.”

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