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Interior Design Crazes That Are Trending For 2017

Nothing is better than coming home to a beautiful house after a long hard day. This feeling can only be emphasized by fantastic interior design and high end furnishings. It can be easy to fall behind on interior trends, so to make it easy for you the home decorator, here are some interior design trends to keep an eye out for in 2017.

Earthy pastels
Pantone has recently released their 2017 color and it is a beautiful ethereal green. Take this trend and run with by outfitting your home with this color and its complimentary shades, think light tan, blush, lavender, gray, and cream. This neutral palette offers an easy canvas for any luxury home brands and furnishings you have in mind.

Mixed metals
You don’t have to match everything to give off a high end look! Mixed metals are cutting edge and fantastic to work with, so combine that bronze light fixture with a silver end table, a gold chair with a polished nickel table, and so on. You can even find high end luxury furniture in white, which works as a fantastic neutral base to help you mix all the metals you’d like.

Go Italian
Italians are known for their fine Italian furniture that boasts seamless lines, luxe fabrics, and a vintage-meets-classic feel. Italian furnishings are great investment pieces as they are made with outstanding craftsmanship and will last until the end of time. Plus, their classic look never goes out of style, so these investment pieces will work with any decor you choose!

Art inspired wallpaper
Want your room to pack a punch? Look for mural inspired wallpaper instead of the typical prints and patterns. This artsy way of decorating your walls will speak for itself and compliment neutral furniture and accessories. Anything watercolor-inspired works great, but keep in mind that you want the room to pack a punch without being too overwhelming.

The global luxury furniture market is expected to grow by four percent between 2015-2019, meaning you should take advantage of all the new designs coming out now. Looking for high class, high quality Italian furnishings? Come by to EFFACTO, your one stop shop for quality Italian made furniture.

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