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High-end Wood Garments? Believe It Or Not, It Feels Like Silk!

Have you ever watched models on the runway? The clothes are beautiful, but they are often stiff. Sometimes they tend to be on the boring side — year after year, the same thing shows up, made by the same designers. In the world of Italian luxury clothing, one thing that is often overlooked is the comfort factor. Who would have thought that the place that you could find comfort would be WOOD. Wood, yes, wood, is the new high-end material that is turning heads on the runways but also creating outfits that are just as comfortable to wear as they are attractive!

Clothes made from wood fiber are actually similar to silk, and the new look is the haute new trend this season. The material is cool, breathable and super-soft. However, it is also a material that is totally sustainable and ecologically friendly, which makes for a runway hit today. Because the material is made from wood pulp, it is very strong too. In fact, the material only gets stronger when it is washed. How unusual is that? Having clothing that keeps its shape and its beauty over time is an investment than anyone can see is worth making.

You probably wonder, what does the cloth look like? Much like silk, it depends on how it is woven. Creating many different looks is possible. You can turn this wood pulp blend into a linen, terry, knit, jacquard or satin finish depending on how it is woven. That flexibility is highly beneficial in the fashion industry today.

Our latest capsule collection is called “Food and Flowers” — full of pieces that will bring out the sights and colors of nature. If you would like to learn more about our offerings or see some of our pieces, feel free to reach out to us today. We would love to show you how beautiful and comfortable this collection can make you feel.

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