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High-end Fashion: Updated Looks For Fall

Fall is here. Now makes the perfect time to update your wardrobe for cold workdays and cozy evenings by the fire. Any fashionable woman should carefully consider what works for her body type as well as what’s trendy right now. A few key pieces can help you look stylish and provide much-needed staples you can wear again and again.

Cut-Out Dresses

Show off your hard work at the gym with the right fall dresses. Today’s designers know women look for artful draping that helps add drama all day long. For fall, look for soft materials like jersey and cotton. These are perfect materials that flow well and add warmth without bulk. If you’re more petite, look for cut-out dresses with details on top that help add line by drawing attention to your shoulders and face. Taller women can opt for dresses with cutouts along their legs to emphasize their height. Pair them with lower heels like shooties to show off your perfectly manicured toes even in cold weather.

A Skylight Boxy Jacket 

Highlight your sexy shoulders with a boxy jacket. The boxy lines help give your entire figure some much-needed shape. Elegant, understated colors work well with the colors of the fall season. Georgette jacquard pleating adds eye-pleasing detail and texture. The lightweight jacket is just right for colder October days when you want something slightly heavier as you head out on a business trip or to an art gallery opening.

The Metallic Skirt

If you want to show off your fashion sense, the metallic skirt is a must. The silvery glow of a long fall skirt is the perfect thing to go with Italian fashion essentials like bodycon cashmere sweaters. A two-toned skirt with pleats in gold and bronze works perfectly for a fall outdoor concert or a late afternoon dinner date. A plain skirt in one or two colors can serve as one of your fall wardrobe basics. Such skirts can be paired easily with shoes and jackets. Look for warm cotton or fun silk tights that create a sleeker line.  The skirt also works with well a thick wool fall coat.  Metallic skirts are a good choice with ankle boots or those that go up the leg.

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