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How To Give Your Small Space A High-End Feel In 4 Steps

In 2014, Millennials made up 37% of all households who bought furniture and bedding. Many of these young people may be living in smaller spaces, but that doesn’t mean that they have to forego a life of luxury when it comes to furniture buying. With minimalist designs all the rage right now, anyone can feel free to decorate their home with high end furnishings without overcrowding their living spaces. Here are some decorating tips for maximizing your space with high-end modern furniture:

Play up the power of mirrors

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Some carefully mounted mirrors can sometimes make a place appear endless. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors, especially, can create the illusion of more square footage even if none exists.

Pack up the patterns

While this isn’t a furniture tip, it is a very simple rule of thumb for making any space look bigger. Dark colors and patterns tend to make a room look busier and tighter. Instead, use light hues — specifically neutral tones — to enhance your space and allow natural light to fill the room. Don’t feel like you have to dull down your home, though. Accent pieces like pillows and paintings can make quite the statement and give your space just the right amount of personal flair to make it your own.

Embrace clear furniture

This is a big trend in high end luxury furniture right now. Whether you’re looking at a glass table top or a chair that is supported by simple supports, being able to see beyond your furniture is a great way to make your room seem bigger. Dark or bulky furniture can appear to take up more space, but being able to see through your furniture will almost make it seem like the piece isn’t even there!

Use floating shelves

Standing furniture takes up more floor space than necessary. If you have a library of books, then it makes sense to install a large standing book shelf. But for those who have a smaller collection, or are displaying virtually anything else from artwork, to plants, to photographs or mementos, a floating shelf will help you increase your amount of floor space.

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