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Four Ways To Minimize Your Environmental Impact When Buying Luxury Clothing

Whether you are seeking sustainable luxury clothing or cruelty-free designer handbags, shoes or accessories, making eco-friendly wardrobe choices doesn’t mean sacrificing design or quality. However, with so many buzzwords like “green” and “organic’” cropping up on labels, it’s important to do your research before making purchases. Here are four tips for minimizing your carbon footprint while maximizing your style.

1. Shop Brands That Use Sustainable Practices 
Invest in companies that perform diligent research to determine the full lifecycle of their products from material extraction down to disposal. Furthermore, investigate their sustainability and raw material replacement practices. For example, if you are looking for eco-friendly shoes or cruelty-free designer handbags made of leather, look for a green company that uses wooden leather instead of animal leather.

2. Explore How Luxury Clothing and Accessories Are Made 
Brands that promote social and economically responsible manufacturing processes can boost your efforts to build a responsible wardrobe. Consider whether the company uses environmentally conscious procedures and methods, has a code of ethical conduct, and supports proper working conditions. How you feel about the clothes you wear can be just as important as how they make you look.

3. Look For Quality Not Quantity to Minimize Your Carbon Footprint 
High quality eco-friendly clothing typically requires an initial investment, just make sure to choose pieces that are timeless and classics, that will never go out of style. Inexpensive, non-environmentally friendly fashion trends may not be worth it all the time since you won’t wear it after they fall out of style.

4. Know Your Clothing Materials
A quick internet search can reveal the best luxury designer shopping hubs that are focused on providing the highest quality, environmentally friendly materials. Consider organic cotton, wood fiber, banana leaf fiber, wooden leather and any other materials that are derived from sustainable fiber sources as well as those that are regularly replenished by the company with the wellness of Mother Earth in mind.

Knowing that your luxury and high-end wardrobe and accessories are sustainable and ethically sourced can be a great way to feel good — and maybe even increase your social status! Furthermore, you’ll be keeping companies that aren’t on board mindful of the importance of socially responsible practices

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