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Four Design Tips For An Eco-Friendly Home

If you’re like most people, you care about preserving the Earth’s limited resources, but you still want your closet and home to look fresh and stylish. It can sometimes seem like these two ideals are at odds with one another, but they don’t have to be. There are a number of things you can do to create an eco-friendly home without sacrificing style.

1. Opt for natural, sustainable building materials. Choosing sustainable materials, such as bamboo flooring, straw bales for insulation, and adobe for the exterior of your home can reduce the amount of energy, coal, trees, and other, more easily depleted materials used in creating your living space.

2. Wear natural fiber clothing. Wearing ecologically friendly clothing doesn’t have to mean a boring look. Effacto offers a full line of Italian fashion featuring clothes made from trees. We use birch wood fiber yarn to create lush fabrics we use to make clothing that is warm in the winter and fresh in the summer.

3. Choose renewable energy sources. Being smart with how you heat and cool your home as well as how you heat your water can also go a long way toward reducing your family’s carbon footprint. Using solar energy and wood or pellet stoves decreases the resources necessary to mine natural gas and coal and create electricity. Even making a switch to a tankless water heater can dramatically reduce the amount of energy your household consumes.

4. Angle your windows. Installing windows at an angle rather than perpendicular to the ground allows more light to enter your home and reduces the need for artificial light. Adding trapdoors at the base of such windows and allowing the breeze to enter your home also reduces how often you need to run your cooling system.

About Effacto Fashion

Effacto, based in northern Italy, works with young, accomplished designers to create clothing that’s environmentally responsible, fun, and stylish.

To learn more about adding Effacto fashion items to your closet or your store’s product line, contact us at (insert contact info here). We’ve been setting new standards in style and fashion since 2014.

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