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Five Current Trends In Accessories You Can Use In Your Home

While basic home furnishings, like a bed and a dining room table, are certainly necessary, it’s the accessories like pillows, lamps, plants and books, that really make a house a home. More than the basics, these items can be easily replaced to update your furnishings and make your rooms look more current. One good way to do this is to follow what is trendy in home accessories. Below are a few home trends of 2017.

Current trends in home accessories

1. Pattern mixing

Pattern mixing, combining two or more designs on pillows, and wallpaper has never been more current. It’s also a great way to make a room unique, not just a copy of a showroom or magazine layout.

2. Texture

Accessories with texture, such as tapa cloth pillows, fur rugs, and mixed media art work are also trending. With the average consumer spending hours a day looking at a flat-screen monitor and/or television set, it’s no wonder he or she is looking for something three dimensional.

3. Navy Blue

According to “Elle Decor” magazine, navy blue has replaced black as the go-to standard accessory color for the home. Think of where you can add navy accents to your existing decor. Perhaps you can add a set of navy stoneware to your kitchen or a navy duvet in your bedroom.

4. One-of-a-kind artisan items

Gone are the days of DIY (sorry, Pinterest.) Today’s trend is towards locally-sourced, hand-made, artisan home furnishings such as hand-thrown pottery, hand-loomed textiles, and original art. Look for these items at craft fairs and local farms.

5. Global market items

Those masks, wood carvings, and textiles you picked up on vacation have never been more trendy. Not only do these things help start a conversation, they make your rooms look unique and interesting.

Keeping your rooms looking fresh and updated doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. All you need to do is mix a few patterns, add texture, incorporate navy blue into your design palette and showcase those vacation treasures!

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