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the project

The creative choice of combining food to flowers is a tangible expression of the modern interpretation of a painting of the past, of a meaningful revival that does not forget the origins but exalts in a perfect fusion of form and color.

The cut of the clothes follows the mood of the entire collection: the soft lines alternate with geometric dresses, the oriental features in the design of models enhance the creativity of the collection marrying perfectly with the floral theme.

The clothes are made in collaboration with Italian artisans of great value, bearing witness to ef+facto’s attitude towards the tailoring, the Italian character, and ethical values; the latter further emphasized by the choice of using natural fabrics such as wood fiber. Soft and precious wood fiber gives the skin the feeling of direct contact with nature. Is there not a bigger luxury today of the experience of a deep union with nature, when your own inner balance and well-being are driven from a tuning state with the environment, through sensations and appearance of continuity with what surrounds us.

The wood fiber yarn, which comes from birch, retains echoes of its origins and gives the wearer an intimate and rare nature experience: envelops the body with its light touch, creates a comfortable warmth for the winter and a sense of freshness for the summer, it absorbs and retains water and is breathable.