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  • Skylight Short Pants

    Skylight Short Pants

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  • Skylight Boxy Jacket

    Skylight Boxy Jacket

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  • Skylight A-Line Top

    Skylight A-Line Top

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ef+facto style: ethics + beauty + quality

We design stylish, unique, and colorful clothing and accessories for modern high-class women and men. From blouses to dresses to statement handbags, ef+facto is your destination for luxury Italian fashion brands including tropical themed dresses and more!

Designed and developed by our Art Fashion department and associates, the Food & Flowers Collection was launched in December 2016. Italian artisans also collaborated in bearing witness to ef+facto’s attitude towards impeccable tailoring, the Italian character, and ethical values.





our unique materials

All of our collections are made with the highest quality materials that are not only luxurious but are also cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. We derive our exclusive luxurious materials from natural fibers such as wood, milk, and banana leaf fibers. The well-being of the environment is among our top priorities, so we ensure that our processes and practices don’t endanger our world.

High-end garments made out of natural fibers are cool like cotton, breathable like linen, soft and smooth like silk, and warm like wool. They are also stronger, more absorbent, much softer, and easier to wash. Comfortable, elegant and ethical, this is the new Italian luxury clothing brand.

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