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Effacto Receives Certification Of Animal Cruelty-Free

We’re proud to announce that Effacto has been awarded a “VVV” certificate for its animal cruelty-free fashion products. While there are numerous brands in the industry that use real animal leather or fur, Effacto has found a way to obtain a luxury material without having to place animals in harm’s way. This is a powerful certificate that highlights all of the hard work that Effacto has put in to produce animal cruelty-free luxury products.

What Does Animal-Free Mean?
In response to the growing public outcry regarding the killing and testing of animals in the industry, the Animal Free Fashion was founded to track the companies that respect the health and lives of animals everywhere. Investors looking for companies and products that do not test on animals or use their leather and fur, can find the Animal Free label. This helps to give consumers a choice in the fashion industry. Companies that receive the Animal Free label have met a certain standard set by the industry.

How Does The Rating System Work?
With the Animal Free project, there are numerous rating levels that companies can be given based on where the materials for their products come from. Companies that do not use fur, wool, silk, feathers and skin can be given ratings that range from V to VV and even VVV. Effacto has been given a certificate of VVV, meaning that the company has done an exceptional job of avoiding animal testing when manufacturing their products and has refrained from using materials that come from animals.

Separating Themselves From The Competition
Unfortunately, animal materials are still ubiquitous in the fashion industry, particularly when people look for real leather. This is what makes Effacto different from the competition. Effacto has added a new segment to the industry with their wooden leather products. Wooden leather is made from sheets of wood that are bonded together and etched using a micro-laser. This process is different from real leather or fur which proceeds from animals. An investment in Effacto cruelty-free fashion products is an investment in the future of animals, humans, and the planet.

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