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Why Luxury Is The Answer

Luxury items truly are worth what you pay for them for many reasons. When you're browsing through luxury Italian furniture or opulent vases, you might question whether it's worth it. You might wonder if you should take the plunge and…

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5 Must-Haves for the 2017 Fashionista

Wearable art inspired by nature creates high-end, gorgeous, must-have fashions. Wouldn't it be nice to experience nature and its fantastic features in our everyday, luxury fashion? Italian fashion brand Effacto designers are using nature as an inspiration for their clothing…

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Wooden Leather

The Uniqueness of Wooden Leather

Wooden leather is one of the most unique natural fabrics available in Italian fashion. It is constructed using several extremely thin layers of wood that are attached to a fabric with an environmentally friendly adhesive. Once the wooden leather is…

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