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3 Tips To Getting The Most From Your Outfits

Fashion isn’t just an industry. It’s a lifestyle. Roughly 125,000 people attend New York Fashion Week shows in person each year, and another 2 million tune in online. Countless more people benefit from the fashion industry every day, even if they don’t always realize it.

Events like New York Fashion Week feature collections from all corners of the world, with designers competing to be recognized for their creativity and ingenuity. And for decades, some of the most compelling fashions have come from Italy. Italy is known for its unique and classic style, and that reputation for design extends far beyond the fashion world. Italian cars are luxurious and desired by many, and Italian-made high end furnishings are prized in many homes.

But standing out from the crowd takes more than purchasing the latest Italian fashions; it takes an understanding of how to match an outfit with your own unique sense of style. So, if you want to live each day like it’s the last day of fashion week, here are some tips to stand out like a model for Italian fashion designers:

The Statement Piece

Some of the best designers know that the secret to great outfits is starting with an item that stands out — a bold print, an unusual texture, an eye-catching piece of jewelry — and then building the outfit around it. A statement piece really can be anything, so try to acquire a few options. Make sure you have a few bold skirts, shoes, and tops in your fashion arsenal. When you feel the urge to make a fashion statement, build your outfit around that piece.

Invest In Lifetime Quality

One of the reasons so many fashionistas revere Italian furniture and fashion is because of the long-lasting nature of these products. Like their furniture, Italian fashion pieces can last a lifetime or longer, and so making an investment can be a sensible decision no matter the price tag.

This is especially important when purchasing items like shoes, pants, and bags, items that will see heavy use over the years. Pick something that you really like, but also something that won’t quickly go out of style. The handmade nature of many of these products will guarantee they’ll last a long time.

Don’t Overdo It!

Many think that fashion has to be flashy, that it has to draw every eye in the room to you. This is simply not true (most of the time). Remember: you can’t look good if you’re not comfortable with what you’re wearing. You should dress for yourself and always be confident in what you’re wearing. That’ll make you stand out more than the most intricate of clothing designs. Plus, those over-the-top fashion pieces usually don’t stay on-trend for very long.

If you’re looking to stand out, then complement what you already have. Like makeup, too much can be worse than having none at all. These tips are just a few of many, and the fashion world has many options for everyone.

If you need advice on Italian fashion or the best Italian design options for you, contact us. We’ll be glad to assist you.

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