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How To Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Do you have a small kitchen? Does it make cooking meals a hassle? Did you know that with the help of a few interior design decorating tips and tricks, you can make your kitchen look and feel larger? Yes, that’s right! Here are some ideas to implement in your kitchen today.

Invest in a table
Even if you have the smallest of kitchens, one thing is for certain: you need a table to eat on! Your table will be one of the most pivotal parts of your kitchen, so you will want it to stand out. Don’t know where to start looking? Check out some fine Italian furniture brands, as you cannot go wrong with the quality and finish of some wooden high end modern furniture.

Go patterned
There is a myth floating around that patterns make a room look smaller. This is in fact not true, and you shouldn’t let it stop you from decorating your kitchen with the pattern of your dreams! Patterns of every color, size, and shape will really make your small kitchen stand out.

Pick a focal point
Have some high end gifts you’d like to show off? Put them in your kitchen! After all, the kitchen is the hub of the entire house, and chances are more people will be in your kitchen than anywhere else. We’re thinking small statues, bowls, or anything else that tickles your fancy would work great.

Black and white
Classic black and white never goes out of style, and will match any accessories and decor that you choose. Try to aim for having equal pieces of black and white across the kitchen — like a black backsplash, a white table, black chairs, white tableware, and even black countertops.

Furniture truly is an investment. After all, Americans spent more than $101.41 billion dollars on furniture and other different accessories back in 2013. So if you are remodeling your kitchen, make it count! Choosing to utilize Italian fashion brands for your home is an investment that will keep on giving for years to come. Looking for some furniture or high end gifts to make your home really shine? Stop by our showroom today.

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